The EchotekTM Series mixed signal products from Mercury Computer Systems include both RF tuning and Digital Conversion modules.

The RF Modules tune rapidly to a signal of interest, with tuners that cover the spectrum from 20 MHz to 18 GH to effectively address multiple disciplines within Electronic Warfare. These Echotek RF Modules can be operated in coherent and non-coherent modes, acting independently or in coordinated groups. Using an integrated direct digital synthesizer technology, they deliver extremely fast tuning speed with very low phase noise.

Echotek Digital Conversion modules deliver the absolute finest signal integrity available on the market, as measured by either signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) or spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR). They support the wide range of IF signals and accompanied bandwidths generated by the RF stage, building on the strong engineering collaboration between Mercury’s RF and analog design engineers and their focus on producing seamless combinations.

In-House Manufacturing for Higher Quality and Faster Design-to-Delivery
In-house manufacturing accelerates the design cycle by "getting to copper" quickly. This quick-turn manufacturing capability enables rapid response on customer specific board designs for both existing products and completely new designs.

In support of the highest possible quality, Echotek Series products are manufactured and inspected in accordance with IPC 610-A Class 3. All boards undergo 100% functional testing and are delivered with a certificate of testing.

Mercury Computer Systems Extends Open Innovations for Electronic Warfare Applications
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